We Present:

The Fallen Sundays
Musical Improv Experience,
from Copenhagen

All songs, lyrics, dialogue, storylines, dance moves and characters are created in the moment.
Every musical is unique and inspired by an audience suggestion.

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A must-see experience!

Outside of Copenhagen, we have performed on several incredible stages across Europe. These include:

  • Hamburg '22 - Move the North Festival at Planten un Blomen Park
  • Stockholm '22 - Stockholm Fringe Festival at PIK Theatre
  • Copenhagen '21 - Tivoli Glassalen
  • Amsterdam '21 - Boom Chicago Comedy Festival at Boom Chicago
  • Copenhagen CIIF20 at ICC Theatre
  • Copenhagen CIIF19 at Skt. Petri
  • Barcelona '19 - BigIF at Teatre El Cercle
  • Berlin '19 - Das Improv Fest at Comedy Café Berlin
  • Sofia '18 - Sofia Improv Fest at ShiZi Improv Club
  • Copenhagen - CIIF18 at Nationalmuseet


Our team

We are The Fallen Sundays; a musical improv comedy troupe based at the heart of Copenhagen at the ICC Theatre. Since 2017 we have delivered dazzling improvised musicals, and as a recognised house team of the ICC Theatre we are an established part of the Copenhagen improv scene. Our team combines years of experience and international talent from Denmark, Germany, Norway, and the UK to deliver fully improvised english-spoken musicals.

Our mission is to produce high-quality, entertaining, and innovative improv musicals that showcase the talent and versatility of our team.Our vision is to create spectacular comedic improvised musicals that celebrate the power of spontaneous creativity and collaboration.

Mia Fugl
Charlie Waller
Sara Rahmeh
Jakob Storjohann
Silje Balsnæs
Øyvind Fossum
Amelie Lorentzson

How our Shows Work

"The Fallen Sunday" is a high-energy, fully improvised musical group that takes its title from a single audience suggestion. The show is a wild and unpredictable journey through the world as we may or may not know it, where anything can happen and everything is possible.

The performers use the audience suggested title to inspire their characters, lyrics, and plot, creating an entirely original musical on the spot. The audience can expect to see heroes facing challenges, and overcoming obstacles, villains fighting to become the greatest, and sidekicks with advice and life philosophies of better and worse quality.
With live music and singing, the performers bring to life a unique and hilarious world of good,  evil, mishaps, and unexpected plot twists. Whether it's a love story or a high school battle for the title of prom queen, "The Fallen Sundays" is sure to leave audiences in stitches.

So sit back, relax, and get ready for a musical experience like no other, where the possibilities are endless and the laughter never stops!

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